Tuesday, 15 March 2011


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Monday, 4 October 2010

Producers & Distributors

The film Casino Royal stars one of the greatest actors in the world, Daniel Craig. The film  was made in 2007. The aim of this task was to understand what the opening of films tell us. It gives us an idea of what the film may be about.

A film producer or movie producer is someone who selects a screenplay, initiating the process of film making. Finialcial things within the movie are managed by the producers. They advise and control creating the scenes.
A distributor for a film is someone who markets the movie. The distributors for casino royal is sony pictures.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cop Out Sound Timeline

0-15 sec
You can here police sirens in the background with the sound of car horns. A man’s voice is heard saying “No sleep toe” this is said with some emphasis. (non digetic sound)
15-30 sec
A guitar sound is played loudly which dominates the sirens. Drums begin to enter with a deep beat. “No sleep to brockline” is said  in slow motion.
30-45 sec
The music then fades away gently. You can hear 3 people talking in the background. One of the guys says to another “I want to play the bad guy”. At this point you cannot here any sound except for the verbal speech.
45-60 sec
Further speech is carried on. A tense beat is embedded after the speech. Straight after a piano beat is started. This creates a tense atmosphere.
60-75 sec
The piano beat still plays. You can hear all the instruments (drum, piano) playing at one time. On screen a man is laughing as he reads a card given to him.
75-90 sec
You can hear the bullets of a gun being reloaded. And straight after a person running fast for about 2 seconds. Then a door is slammed and the guy says “ Im a cop, put the gun down” this builds tension to the viewer.
90-105 sec
A man is talking to another person on a cell phone. In the background i can hear some handcuffs being taken out.
105-120 sec
A person is shouting out “please”. You can hear two people fighting, and another person in the background laughing.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Composition Tips

Rule of thirds- One of the most popular 'rules' in photography is the Rule Of Thirds. It is also popular amongst artists. Imaginary lines are drawn dividing the image into thirds both horizontally and vertically. You place important elements of your composition where these lines intersect Using the Rule of Thirds helps produce nicely balanced easy on the eye pictures.

Nose room-means leaving space in the direction the person is looking. This way the viewer feels involved,in the scene.

Head room- you should always leave space between the head and the top and similarly between the chin and the bottom of the image. Otherwise it does not look good

Film Cover

This is our version of the film Hangover. As you can see we have cropped out two people and put our own primary image in. Looking at the color you can see it is very bright an eye catching. this will make users want to buy the film. The two colours are blended in to make the cover look more professional. At the bottom of the cover you can see a little caption "after watching this you wouldn't want to drink another beer again" this is a snappy phrase which will get users interested and to see weather the statement it true. We have made the cover look a bit old as the edges are rounded of. we have made the middle more brighter so the three men stand out. this shows that these are the main characters in the film. We took a close up shot of two people. we done this by using the cropping tool. Overall I think the cover suits our genre (comedy) as it looks funny because of the colours and the use of images.

Camera Height

The height of the camera has an effect on the meaning of a shot. in this type of shot you can have three levels, the lower leg, the middle, and the top. If you only show the persons feet there is a mystery. This shot is very good in horror movies. Bellow i have taken a photo of someones legs. people can have there own interpretation of what the person is doing. bellow is a picture of a persons feet who is looking to go into a door. If you use the upper body shot you discover more about the person but you still don't know who they are. however when the camera is bought up then you now and the mystery is resolved.